About us

FreightBlogger was created 2019, with the aim to provide free freight information and guides to UK business and individuals.

We found that when searching the internet there were not many places you could go for practical help and advice. Yes you can visit gov.uk or call your local Chamber of Commerce, but this took time.

In today’s busy world we need information fast, and most of the time its practical information we need not the technical stuff.

We wanted to provide practical freight information in bite sized chunks. We don’t profess to know everything, but we hope our knowledge will help you get the basics right.

It is often the basics that that are overlooked and this can be costly for you and your customers.

Our website is still in its infancy so please bear with us while we build up the information that you will be able to search for.

The information we provide is to be used as a general guide only, we would always recommend that after reading our blogs, posts and tweets that you double check and research further.

So on that note, the information we provide is to be used as a guide only and may change or be inaccurate, FreightBlogger and its representatives, sponsors etc cannot be held accountable for any misleading or incorrect information that is provided on this website.

For UK importers and exporters only.

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