If you are not already trading outside of the European Union here are a few things you will need to do should the UK leave the European Union without a deal.

A no deal scenario may mean that we are no longer bound by EU laws and free trade. It might be possible that customs formalities and border controls will be reinstated, meaning you will have to treat your EU shipments like you would an International movement.

The below check list is a brief overview, if you would like further information you can click on this link.

EORI Number

You will need an EORI number to trade goods with countries outside of the European Union. You can apply for an EORI number by clicking on this link.

Commodity Codes

Commodity codes classify goods for import and export, these are needed to complete customs declarations. You will need to show commodity codes on your commercial invoices if exporting. If importing, your supplier should show these codes on their invoices. For further information click on this link.

Customs Declarations

Customs declarations have to be completed on any goods being imported or exported outside of the EU. Normally this is completed by your freight forwarder. You will need to give authorisation to your freight forwarder to complete these on your behalf.


To make a customs declaration you will need the below information shown on your commercial invoices.

  • Seller and buyer addresses
  • Number of items
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Description of goods
  • Commodity codes
  • EORI number
  • Country of origin

The above is a brief guide, we shall be producing more posts in the coming months going into greater detail. If you have any questions, get in touch.

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