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  • Freightblogger - What are Commodity Codes

    What are Commodity Codes ?

    15th Aug 2019 by

    Commodity codes are used to classify goods for import and export outside of the European Union. Any business involved in international trade must use commodity codes. Normally a commodity code is a ten digit number, each code is allocated to a product type. Goods such as teabags, cups and saucers will each have a unique… Read more

  • Freightblogger - How to get an EORI number

    What is an EORI Number

    14th Aug 2019 by

    What is an EORI number ? An EORI number is an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number. This unique code is used to track and register customs information in the UK and EU. Do I need an EORI number ? If your a individual, sole trader or a large business you will need an EORI… Read more

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